Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Parents, Happy Bride, Happy Wedding Planner!


Thank you for all you did. We were so pleased with our destination wedding experience. From the initial information you provided in such a professional manner when Claire was searching for a wedding event planner to your unruffled flexibility in making last minute changes during the wedding evening, you have been FABULOUS! Claire's wedding would not have so special and so perfect if we had not had you the whole way.

As parents, as you know, when your children are involved in meaningful events, all you want is for your child to feel that the event happens in the way they want it to be. For Claire, that is exactly how she felt her wedding was. She left us a note in our hotel room before she left on her honeymoon. Her note said, "Thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything. I loved every minute and I wouldn't have changed a thing."
I guess that really says it all. Del and I feel we had the time of our lives as well.

We couldn't have dreamed of anything more fun and more detail oriented that could go off so perfectly. And for a dad who had to sport the bill, Del said we owe the great time all to you. He was amazed at the ease at which you handled everything and how carefully you executed the events. The end of the evening was hard for him; I think dads have a difficult time letting go of their "little girls" even when they are all grown up. But, we have the most most wonderful memories of a a great weekend. We went to dinner last night with one of the couples who came to the wedding, and that is all they could talk about. They loved it, too.

We would be honored to be a referral for you any time. We can not say enough positive things. I wish we had another daughter, so we could do it all again.

Sincerely, Candy (Bride's Mother)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Transport Info: Getting from the Cabo airport to your hotel

I just received an email from one of my March brides where her brother was asking her, "How do I get from the airport to the hotel?" Like the smart bride she is, she forwarded the question to me, and I responded to him. I thought my response could help ALL Cabo brides and their guests with this excellent question. Please feel free to forward to YOUR guests.

From the Cabo airport, there are several ways to get to your hotel. But the first rule is, unless you truly are interested in a timeshare opportunity and/or presentation, KEEP WALKING. Walk through the indoor portion of the airport after you pass through customs and continue outdoors. All people in between customs and outside are time share sales reps.

Outside, there are 2 options: taxis (cost approx $40-75 for a trip into San Jose del Cabo or all the way into Cabo) or a bus (big blue bus outside the airport). These are shuttle buses that for approx $15/pp will drop you at your hotel. But please do remember that these buses will stop at several other hotels as well as they make their way into Cabo. With all transport, make sure you confirm the price before you get in the transport.

If you are interested in a timeshare, once you sign up, the timeshare sales rep will usually give you a ticket for a free ride on the big blue bus (or occasionally, a van shuttle).

Private transport can also be set up ahead of time. You can email directly Enrique Mora at Los Cabos Travel ( to reserve a Marquis, van or other transport.

Safe travels! Katie