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'08 Recap: 22 Amazing Weddings (Pt 1)

22 weddings! I can't believe I had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful brides, grooms, and families last year...truly a historic year for me as I produced some of the loveliest weddings of my career. I loved having the opportunity to plan with and share in these couples' most intimate and romantic moments as they exchanged their wedding vows. Please take a "walk" through 2008 with me (this is Part 1) we look at some of the photos and reminisce about these fairy-tale beach weddings...where my brides were all princesses, my grooms were all knights in shining armor (or flip-flops!), and the couples continue to live happily ever after.
Note: These are not in chronological order. Enjoy! * * * * * BRIDE and GROOM: Melody & Ross WEDDING DATE: April 26, 2008 LOCATION: Villa Amanda - private villa, Cabo GUEST COUNT: 70
“Thank you again so much for the most beautiful evening and for working so hard. I couldn't have gotten through the day witho…

El Dorado Elegance: Heather & Alan

Heather & Alan (Bride & Groom)
“Hi Katie, thanks again for all of the work you put in to make our wedding perfect. The event went so smoothly and our friends described it as both magical and effortless (which we all know it wasn't!!) Really though, we had the time of our lives and we couldn't have done it without you.” -Heather “We'd also like to serve as a reference should you ever need us. The compliments we're receiving and our absolutely thrilled parents (not to mention the happiest weekend of our lives) are at your disposal. Also, please thank your assistants -- they did a great job as well.” – Alan

BRIDE & GROOM: Heather & Alan
WEDDING DATE: January 18, 2009
LOCATION: Beach Ceremony & Reception at the Mercado. El Dorado Golf & Beach Club, Cabo San Lucas.
GUEST COUNT: 118 guests
-Rehearsal Dinner at Morgan's Encore, San Jose del Cabo.
-Welcome Dinner at Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant, Cabo.
I had the pleasure of planning and c…