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I Love Hearing From My Former Brides...

Whenever I am planning a wedding with a bride, we almost always get really close! You can't help but go through such an exciting and intimate time together and not feel really connected! And then the wedding ends, the bride & groom go on their honeymoon, and they begin their Happily Ever After. I miss my brides but feel happy that I have done my part in getting their marriage started on the right foot!

But that's what also makes it so special when I hear back from a bride after a few years. I reached out to Traci, this beautiful bride who got married at Casa del Mar a few years ago, to say Happy Birthday to her on Facebook, and got this sweet message back. I'm so happy for her & her growing family!

Hi Katie!
I think about you often. :) Our wedding literately was one of the most amazing times in my life. And I'm so thankful and grateful for you because without your guidance and experience it wouldn't have been the amazing time it was! As you can see we …